Terms and conditions of “Nar+” service



This notification is intended to inform the subscribers about the terms of relevant e-services, as well as to prevent the disclosure of subscriber information to any third parties during the rendering of such services. By continuing the registration process after reviewing the below, you hereby agree to the relevant terms and conditions defined by “Azerfon” LLC (hereinafter “Azerfon”).

Data security

“Nar+” is a property of Azerfon and security of subscribers using this service is very important for Azerfon. Azerfon, being a mobile operator, strictly protects and will continue to protect any personal information of subscribers that is recorded or will be recorded in the future. As such, disclosure of password by a subscriber to third parties is unacceptable. In cases when the password is given to a third party or if the subscriber’s number is used by a third party, the subscriber shall be solely responsible for disclosure of his/her personal information, as well as for any resulting transactions. It is important for the subscribers to familiarize themselves with the following terms and conditions with regard to the services provided through self-service channels. The following terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of parties in respect of the services provided to a subscriber by means of “Nar+” service.

Obligations of the subscriber

nBy accepting these terms and conditions the subscriber acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for any information obtained and for any transactions performed through “Nar+” service, that transactions performed within the services provided by Azerfon shall be executed only by him/her personally, he/she will be liable for usage of the service, waives “Password not used by me” denial rights for the transactions performed using the password, Azerfon is not liable for conducting relevant investigations in case of acquisition of his/her password by a third party, he/she is solely liable for any damages caused by the usage of his/her password by a third party, he/she will take necessary actions to safeguard the password and that Azerfon shall be under no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any of the above cases.The password shall mean a code submitted during the registration for “Nar+” service and, in general, any data submitted or required during usage of the services.


1.Azerfon does not guarantee the continuity and availability of the services provided through self-service channel and retains the right to modify the terms, as well as to suspend the services.

2.Azerfon may cancel the password and terminate the services without prior notification in case of violation of these terms and conditions, willful misuse and abuse of the services, as well as in case of violation of safety measures by the subscriber.

3.Azerfon shall not be liable for disclosure of personal profile and other data of the subscriber due to willful or negligent propagation of the password to a third party and the subscriber shall be fully liable for such action.

4.The subscriber agrees not to hold Azerfon liable for disclosure of his/her information to third party through “Nar+” service

5.The subscriber may request Azerfon to suspend the services in cases when he/she suspects that his/her password is used by a third party.

6.Azerfon shall not be liable for interruptions in “Nar+” services due to any technical problems beyond Azerfon’s control.

7.Azerfon retains the right for any future unilateral modifications to these terms and conditions, including termination or suspension of “Nar+” services.

8.Azerfon is responsible for transferring subscriber’s data to the third parties, if Azerfon has not taken the necessary information security measures.



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